Saturday, August 15, 2020

Duplex Models of Complex Systems

Binomial Framework and Case Study 


Seasonal Waves in the Stock Market 

Duplex models can portray complex systems with the utmost of simplicity, clarity and efficacy. The drawcards range from the dearth of initial premises to the soundness of final conclusions. The mettle of the binomial approach shows up, for instance, in debunking the welter of myths and misconceptions that pervades the fields of finance and economics. According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, the marketplace always reflects the totality of information available to the general public. Since every nub of know-what and know-how informs the latest prices, no single actor can improve on the valuation of assets ranging from stocks and bonds to commodities and realties. 

One consequence is the lack of trusty cues for forecasting the market: if every clue has been fully utilized, then any move henceforth has to come as a complete surprise. Another fallout lies in the Random Walk Model that pictures the path of the market as a form of Brownian motion whereby the price level is wont to shift in any direction with equal likelihood. 

Unfortunately, the Efficient credo abounds with flaws ranging from unreal assumptions and spurious concepts to inconsistent models and faulty conclusions. A counterpoint involves the wave motion of the stock market that belies the premise of utter randomness. As a recourse, a true science ought to build on hard data and staunch precepts, rigorous models and tenable results. To this end, the study at hand represents a small but fundamental step toward a coherent theory of the marketplace. 

To underscore the gulf between the mythos and reality, the work plan takes a minimalist approach. For starters, the inquest draws only on a minute fraction of the trove of information freely available at the most popular portal among the investing public. Moreover, the quantitative analysis relies solely on the simplest technique in statistical testing. From a computational stance, the attendant program invokes a skimpy subset of the built-in functions within the core module of the R system: the leading choice of programming language and software platform for data science in disparate domains. 

NOTE:  The ebook is available under the title of “Duplex Models of Complex Systems”. The document in PDF form may be downloaded from the Internet Archive or at ResearchGate. In addition, the title is distributed in EPUB format by Apple Books and other partners of Books2Read.

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