Building Smart Tools 
for Decision Making 
in Complex Fields

Kenwave Research (KR) takes a creative approach to designing advanced systems for decision making in complex domains at the cutting edge of innovation. An example lies in conceptual models and software tools for forecasting financial markets along with hardy strategies for superior returns at modest risk. Another sample involves an integrated approach to biomedical studies designed to cull subtle patterns from diverse databases in order to glean pointers for health and wellness based on multiplex drivers ranging from genetic markers to lifestyle choices.

The hybrid techniques are highly suited to cryptic fields rife with chaotic systems and erratic events. The wholesome approach combines the strengths of motley techniques while bypassing their attendant pitfalls. For this purpose, the building blocks include robust statistics and graphic profiling, spectral decomposition and factorial design, path analysis and causal modeling, neural networks and genetic algorithms, swarm optimization and software automation. Meanwhile the fields of application span the spectrum from scientific discovery, medical diagnosis and business strategy to financial forecasting, socioeconomic planning and public policy.